Client Injured when hit by a teenager driver: Case settled for $250,000.00.

Client was a guest in a store while an armed robbery occurred.  Case settled for $100,000.00 the week prior to trial.

Secured a $350,000 judgment for a client that was injured on a business premise. 

Criminal Case:  Client charged with aggravated assault. After a trial that resulted in a hung jury, the district attorney's office decided to dismiss the case.

Client charged with aggravated assault and felon in possession of a firearm:  After extensive plea negotiations with the district attorney's office and preparing to try the case, a deal was reached where the client was sentenced to 5 years supervised release with suspended jail time.

Federal Criminal Jury Trial:  Client found not guilty!

Client charged with statutory rape: Client found not guilty at trial!

Aggravated Domestic Violence:  Client shot her husband. After a trial, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

Client charged with capital murder.  After discussions with the district attorney's office, charges against client were reduced to accessory and client was sentenced to time serve.

Client charged with arson: Case was dismissed.

Client charged with DUI: Charges were dismissed.

A client who was represented by a public defender at the original trial was convicted of murder and sentenced to serve life in the Mississippi Department of Corrections.  Attorney Stevenson was retained to represent the individual after he had served approximately 16 years in the Mississippi Department of Corrections. After multiple hearings and discussions with the district attorney's office, Attorney Stevenson was able to have the client declared eligible for parole.

A client was represented by another attorney at the trial level, where he was convicted and sentenced to 10 mandatory years as an habitual offender. Attorney Stevenson was hired to represent the individual for an appeal. Attorney Stevenson was able to convince the Mississippi Supreme Court to reverse the conviction and the remand the case.

Above are only some of the recent verdicts by Attorney Damon Stevenson and his staff at Stevenson Legal Group. Call today so that your case can be our next victory. 

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